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About Pumayana Orgone Pendants This powerful pendant is a beautiful piece of Sacred Geometry Orgone Jewelry and aids in the protection from harmful EMF frequencies while at the same time balancing...


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High quality materials and products. Designed with love in Australia. Made with care in USA. Europe & Asia.


Caring for our planet made using recycled materials and/or natural materials.

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About Pumayana Orgone Pendants

This powerful pendant is a beautiful piece of Sacred Geometry Orgone Jewelry and aids in the protection from harmful EMF frequencies while at the same time balancing your energy field.

All our Orgonite Pendants feature my original artwork, made with love and positive intention. Each piece is crafted by hand. I work with a Reiki Master who performs energy work on the Pumayana Orgone Pendants while the resin is liquid and curing in the piezoelectric phase of creation. All crystals used in the process are cleansed and cleared to ensure our devices are holding the highest intent. Each and every pendant is then sanded, shaped and polished by hand, giving the surface a balanced, glossy, and smooth finish. Our pendants are master crafted using the highest quality crystals, they are a labour of love and our intention is to create healing, protective and powerful amulets for you that will last a lifetime.

The Artwork on this Orgone Pendant

This pendant is called Star Matrix. It symbolizes the refraction of light through your Consciousness. At its centre you will see the 64 tetrahedron - the sacred geometry matrix. You will see the Star Matrix is made of thousands of interconnected pieces aligned together in chaotic harmony - these create a portal through which to access higher dimensions of Consciousness. The artwork on this pendant contains masculine energy and the energy of Merkaba. It carries the positive archetypes of the Divine Masculine - Presence - Holding Space - Direction - Intention - Awareness.

Beware of Imitations

Pumayana Orgone Pendants are unique. Each pendant comes with an authenticity card. Unfortunately some customers have been scammed by pretend Pumayana orgone pendants sold cheaply on overseas marketplaces. Be aware these are not genuine Pumayana orgone pendants. If it does not come with our authenticity and with our Tesla Coil on the reverse of the pendant – it is not genuine.


Every Pumayana Orgone Pendant comes with a free organic chord necklace. Many of our customers remove this chord necklace and replace with a chain of their choice, some like to utilise gold, or leather. You may like to wear your pendant in a different position either higher or lower on the neck. For this reason we offer a simple chord, with the expectation that you will replace this if you prefer an alternate position, or an alternate chain.

Each Pumayana Orgone Pendant comes beautifully presented in a black eco-card box. You will also find an authenticity card validating your pendant as a Pumayana Orgone Pendant and giving some information about the pendant. This makes Pumayana Orgone Pendants a perfect gift.

Pendant dimensions 1.5 inches in diameter by .5 inches thick. Weight 1oz.

Please see the tabs How Our Pendants Work and Crystals in Our Pendants for more information.

Why do you need an Orgonite Pendant?

Because everyday we are being exposed to harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), from mobile phones, cell towers, microwaves, WiFi to name just a few sources. Living beings do not fare well under these frequencies, they are not aligned with our planet and the frequencies of living things.

The sort of EMF frequencies we are having to deal with include:

Electrical Appliances

4G & 5G Tower Emissions


Digital TV’s

Smart Meters

Microwave Ovens

Fluorescent Lighting

Laptops and Tablets

Bluetooth Devices

Mobile Phone Towers

Electrical Power Lines

Cordless and Mobile Phones

Artificial Heating and Cooling

High-Voltage Power Lines

Baby Monitors

Smart Watches


Sadly we are about to face the worst onslaught of these frequencies that we have ever experienced under the 5G networks. If you are not up to speed on the impact of these frequencies and particularly 5G please do your own independent research.

People struggling with the negative effects of EMF’s may be experiencing:

Foggy Brain / Trouble Concentrating
Sleeping Difficulties
Negative emotions
Inability to recover from illness
Compromised immunity

How does Orgone Energy work?

Orgone energy is similar to Universal Energy, you may have heard this referred to as Chi, Prana or Etheric Energy. This is the life force energy that is the foundational energy of our physical world, it can be found in the cells of our body, in the earth, in animals – you name it we are surrounded with it and alive with it. 


Wilhelm Reich & Karl Welz did the ground breaking research into orgone energy.  Reich’s pioneering work not only created benefits on a physical level for participants but also on an emotional level.  He believed that trauma could get stuck and stored in a body.  Orgone energy has shown the power and potency to transform negative and stuck energy into positive energy.

If you are a meditator think of the flow of kundalini energy.  Or if you have ever experienced chiropractic care you probably have an understanding that blockages don’t allow the free flow of life force energy.  Or simply think of a stagnant or toxic pool of water which is dead, nothing thrives or survives in that environment - versus a free flowing stream with it’s abundance of life.

Pumayana Orgone Pendants

Orgonite is a combination of crystal and metal in resin. During the process we use to create our Pumayana Orgone Pendants the resin in the matrix contracts, which in turn presses on the quartz crystal creating a piezoelectric effect, meaning that it becomes electrically polarized and charged, creating an external energy field.

Each pendant has a 14 gage Copper Tesla Coil activating flow and spin. Using the power of Tesla conduction our pendants create a fractal field around you. This energy field is full of life force energy, it filters out negative energy and turns it into, and amplifies positive energy.

This is what we refer to when we say that our orgonite pendants are healing, protective and powerful. The sorts of benefits you can expect from our Orgone Pendants are:

Protection from EMFs and other negative energy
Creation of a more balanced positive energy field
Re-vitalize the atmosphere
Improved health and vitality
Relieve insomnia
Better Sleep
Vivid Dreams
Boost your intuition
Lower Blood Pressure
Recharge food and drinks
Structure water
Promote plant growth

See Crystals in Our Pendants for more information.



      What are Pumayana Orgonite Pendants made of? 

      Just behind the image the artwork is the Orgone Vortex Custom Iron Matrix - a mixture of iron shavings with several powdered crystals.

      This energetic matrix of powdered crystals and iron shavings create a powerful piezoelectric charge from the compression of the high quality polyester resin. 

      On the back of the Orgone Pendant is the Tesla coil generating a spin in a clockwise manner, which pushes the energy out. 

      The powdered crystals in your Pumayana Orgone Pendant consists of:

      On the back of the Orgone Pendant is the Tesla coil generating a spin in a clockwise manner, which pushes the energy out.


      Shipping & Returns Orgone Pendants
      At Pumayana we do not mass produce. All our products are handcrafted and made to order.
      Our Orgone Pendants take 2 weeks to produce, however we do hold some stock of orgone pendants.  If the pendant you’ve ordered is in stock, your item will be shipped within a few days, otherwise it will be longer, but if there is a delay you will be notified.

      Orgone Pendants are handcrafted in, and shipped from USA.
      If you live in USA your order should arrive within 3-5 days after fulfillment.
      If you live in Canada or Mexico please allow 5-10 days after fulfillment.
      If you live outside of these regions your order typically will take 7-14 days after fulfillment.
      Please be patient with your delivery, we are not in control of international shipping issues.

      If you require your pendant by a specific date (for example as a birthday gift) please let us know by emailing, we will always try and accommodate your request.

      Pumayana produces products in USA, Europe and Asia. Please note that if you have ordered multiple products it may be that your order will ship from 2 different places.

      Taxes and Duties
      There should not be any duties or taxes liable when you take receipt of the delivery of your pendant in your country. 
      However, if for some reason you are required to pay an import duty please email Pumayana at with proof of payment of your duty and we will offer you a Pumayana Gift Card/Coupon to the same value.

      As our products are made to order we cannot offer refunds for change of mind purchases. If, however, your pendant is damaged in any way we will of course offer a replacement or refund.
      In exceptional circumstances we may offer a credit note for return, but in this instance please be mindful that the pendant, box & authenticity card must be returned at your cost to our USA office, and everything must be in perfect condition.

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