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Here at Pumayana giving back to the world in whatever way we can is very important to us.

That's why we took a decision to devote 15% of our profits each year to do some good in the world.

We aim to work in 3 areas; the earth, humankind, and spirit and we have already been active in work to help humankind.

We encourage you to support the causes that we mention below - you don't need to wait for us : -)


In 2005 Aurelien travelled to India to pursue his artistic and spiritual development, there he came across a remote area in Orissa called Bhawanipatna.

In Orissa there are few resources and the area had many orphans who were without any amenities, care or schooling. Aurelien came across an Indian gentleman named Andriya who decided he wanted to do something about the situation.

Andriya had a vision that he wanted to create an orphanage and a school for the children and Aurelien decided he wanted to help bring Andriya's vision to life.

Aurelien returned to France and set about raising money for the foundation, IOM, Indian Orphan Mission. In 2007 enough funds had been raised and they were able to build a small school and orphanage. Aurelien went to India again to participate in the project and to see the vision come to life. 

Moving forwards we will continue to support the IOM school and orphanage and help improve the lives of the wonderful children you see here.


At the end of the 2021 financial year we will distribute 15% of profits between projects that relate to earth, humankind and spirit. This year we have identified the causes below that we would like to support.



The Give to Give Foundation is an independently run, non-profit organization created by dedicated students of Joe Dispenza's work.