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Trippy Tapestry | Psychedelic Wall Hanging | Psy | The Gates of Atlantis
Trippy Tapestry | Psychedelic Wall Hanging | Psy | The Gates of Atlantis
Trippy Tapestry | Psychedelic Wall Hanging | Psy | The Gates of Atlantis
Psy Tapestry
Trippy Wall Hanging
Psychedelic Tapestry
Trippy Wall HangingTapestry
The Gates of Atlantis

"Amazing! The colouring
and details are even
more impressive in person."

Collin C. Verified Buyer

This trippy tapestry is called The Gates of Atlantis
celebrating the magical, super conscious realm of Atlantis.
It is full of symbols and sacred geometry that are loaded and powerful.
You will discover so much when you take the time to
really dive into this psychedelic artwork.
I think you will love this artwork, it is one of my favourite creations
- enjoy the journey ;-)


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see the amazing gates of atlantis come to life.

 The visions during my meditations have always come to me in motion, not still images. So I'm thankful for new technologies and software that allow me to bring my creations to their full potential.

Why Pumayana Tapestries Consistently Rate 5 Stars

Unlike mass produced tapestries, Pumayana tapestries have a pocket/seam at top and bottom so that you can push through a rod or dowel. This allows you to invisibly hang the tapestry in a perfectly straight and aligned manner. No tacks in the wall and sagging - instead a beautifully hung work of art.

All Pumayana artwork, tapestries, cushions and clothing are hand crafted, our products are not mass produced.

This Wall Hanging is available in 3 different sizes to suit your available space. For guidance on choosing the right size see the bottom of our Sizing Page.

This artwork is also available as a high quality art print/poster and on canvas..

You can play with different lights to give more power and effect to the image.

A normal spotlight will enhance the center of the picture and uplift the colors. For an amazing effect you can project an LED fading light on this tapestry and it will give movement to the image..

our finest product

About this Artwork

H.G.Wells once said "There is magic in names and the mightiest among these words of magic is Atlantis, it is as if this vision of a lost culture touched the most hidden thought of our soul." Atlantis to me is a magical place and I feel it in all its glory. It is alive, an etheric Temple of Light where everything is connected and breathes love, light and life. This psychedelic artwork is full of symbols and codes, Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Devas, Doors, Keys - and you will find so much more when it is hanging on your wall.

All things Atlantis

Gates of Atlantis

How our Tapestries are made

Pumayana Tapestries Are Made Using Recycled Plastic Bottles

By Purchasing The Gates of Atlantis you are helping to clear waste from the Atlantic Ocean.

All Pumayana tapestries are proudly made by hand in USA.
All artworks are totally original and unique, made with love and positive intentions.
Pumayana tapestries are washable in cold water and are easy to carry and display.


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