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Live Performance

Performance/Live Collaboration


Using his own unique and visionary art Aurelien creates an alchemical atmosphere when he brings his art to life in live VJ performance. Every set is unique, in tune with the crowd and in sync with the music, co-creating in real time, producing transcendental experiences.

Everyone experiences Aurelien's artwork differently and his live VJ performances are the same. The images speak to our hearts in a language that can't be expressed in words. In live performance we literally go on a journey through the artwork and experience it deeply on so many levels. Aurelien's intuition and perception in a live set brings him in tune with the music and in the flow with both the people and the energy in the room, delivering a set that is always at its best in that present moment; a unique collective co-creation.

International VJ / Art Installations

Pumayana is able to travel nation-wide for the events listed below and internationally for festivals and special events.

Please use the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in booking Pumayana for an event.

Spiritual Gatherings

Live VJ
Music Gigs

Live VJ
Music Festivals
Spiritual Festivals

Some Tasters of Pumayana Live

Previous Events

Pumayana has performed with Electrypnose, GMS, Zen Mechanics, Hux Flux, Desert Dwellers, Deva Premal and many other talented musicians at multiple gigs, festivals,events, parties...

Here are some events Pumayana has performed as a VJ:

Total Solar Eclipse Festival Oregon USA
Boom Festival, Portugal
Harmonic Temple with Desert Dwellers, Australia
EarthCore Festival, Australia
Ibiza Summer
Alex Grey Exhibition, Australia
Earth Frequency Festival Australia
Rainbow Serpent Festival
Byron Spirit Festival Australia
Solar Eclipse Festival Australia
Eclipse Festival Montreal Canada
Bodhi Spirit Festival, Australia

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