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The March Equinox is a sacred time, representing balance and oneness. By having equal hours of day and night, we are reminded to find balance and oneness in our own lives.

The March Equinox brings about a distinct shift in energy. This energetic shift is best seen through nature. In the northern hemisphere flowers start to bloom, our days are longer, and mating season begins in the animal world. In the southern hemisphere, days get darker, animals go into hibernation, and trees start to shed their leaves.

To inspire you to take time to consider what is meaningful for you this Equinox we have put together an Equinox Energy collection. Enjoy the images, artwork & photography and as you browse see what statements and images are reflective of how you are feeling and the vibration you want to nurture or radiate.       

radiate the new energy

This is the perfect time to start new projects, take action, and put yourself out there.

Radiate high vibrations and positive energy, wear bright clothes, surround yourself with positive people, affirmations &, images.

Product showcase
Product showcase

The Equinox reminds us that even though we perceive light and dark as being separate, they only exist because of each other.
It is both light and dark that make up the whole.

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Get back on your mat and move your body

Enjoy meditation or get back on your yoga mat, release the old in both your physical and spiritual body.

Product showcase
Product showcase
Product showcase

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conscious connection

Equinox is a time to embrace Mother Earth, feel our connection to Gaia, take part in a ritual or ceremony to anchor you and ground you. Or meditate on our connection with all that is.

equinox Orgone Pendants

orgone jewelry
orgone jewelry
sacred geometry jewelry
masculine orgonite pendant

Sacred Geometry Orgone Jewelry | Merkaba Pendant | Star Matrix

heart chakra healing orgone pendant
heart chakra healing orgone pendant
orgonite necklace
heart chakra pendant

Heart Chakra Healing Orgone Pendant | Orgonite Necklace | Ray of Love

orgonite pendant
orgonite pendant
orgonite pendant tao
orgonite pendant yin yang

Orgonite Pendant | Yin Yang Orgone Pendant | EMF Protection | Tao

heart chakra pendant
heart chakra pendant
Orgone Healing Pendant
4th chakra

Heart Chakra Pendant | Healing Orgone Pendant | 4th Chakra | Anahata


reflect and release

It may be a time for reflection and release, letting go of whatever is holding you back.  Equinox energy invites us to take time and feel within ourselves. Even better if you can do this in nature.

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celebrate love

Any Equinox is a time to remind ourselves that love is all and everything. A time to give thanks and be grateful to be alive.

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