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Sacral chakra art print

2nd Chakra | Swadhistana| Sacral Chakra Art | Print | Poster | Mindfulness Gift | Meditation | Yoga | Spiritual | Healing | Sacred Geometry

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Product Details

Swadhistana Chakra, I Feel.

Swadhistana is the second chakra, known as well as the Sacral or Sexual chakra. It is located in the lower abdomen. This Chakra is associated with emotions, feelings, states of desire, creation and imagination.

If your Swadhistana Chakra is well balanced you feel feelings of pleasure, joy, wellness and abundance. If this Chakra is out of balance you may feel emotionally imbalanced, you may experience sexual issues, depression or addiction.

The energy within this Chakra is feminine and lunar in nature, hence you see these symbols within this Swadhistana Art Print. Use this as a tool for healing, it is composed with specific symbols, shapes, colors and sacred geometry to resonate with your Sacral chakra.

Hold the vision of this sacred image in your mind as you meditate to open and balance your Swadhistana Chakra. Allow yourself to feel, put your attention in your Sacral Chakra and feel pleasure, joy and open to creativity and imagination.

Photo Print option is printed on durable 300g heavyweight photo paper. It has a subtle matte coating that perfectly displays the quality of this artwork.

The Fine Art Print option is the best possible for printing my artworks. The heavyweight 310g fine art paper has a silky smooth finish, it is 100% cotton and gives a very high quality print.

* All artworks are totally original and unique, made with love and positive intentions.

* All my artwork, tapestries, cushions and clothing is hand crafted, my products are not mass produced.

* We will provide you with a tracking number for your order and will keep you informed of order progress.

*The watermark, copyright texts will not be visible on purchased print.

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2nd Chakra | Swadhistana| Sacral Chakra Art | Print | Poster | Mindfulness Gift | Meditation | Yoga | Spiritual | Healing | Sacred Geometry