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Wall Hanging/Tapestry, Photo Poster, Rolled Canvas, Cushion Cover, Jewellery, Accessories...

Our products are not mass produced.
They are made in our small workshop and printed with local printers in different countries to save on shipping and be the most sustainable as we can.

We are pleased to offer you the best quality prints and products available; using the latest in print technology and high quality inks and finish on durable mediums.

Our research on the right combination of materials and production ensures you receive a quality end product at an affordable price.

Each artwork can be printed in different sizes across several mediums to suit your budget.

Individual products/orders are quality checked for your satisfaction before posting.

We are a family business. We focused on the best quality for our prints and products.
Our tapestries are made with our friends, Richard and Annee based in Koh Phan Gan, Thailand, under the sun.
We value our customer's feedback and we always try to improve our services.

* Saturation and contrast of colours will vary across mediums - as each medium, print method and ink - influences the final outcome.
*Artworks contain more detail in print than what you see here on-screen as the prints are in high-resolution compared to the compressed web versions on this site.

The different Prints available

Wall Hanging/Tapestry, Photo Poster, Rolled Canvas

As general ideas,
Photo Poster is a very sharp and detailed prints. It is better to frame it to protect it.

Rolled canvas is a high quality giclee prints and can be hang as or be stretched on a wood frame for a perfect gallery style. Ideal for small room.

Tapestry is a all round print. It is a very high quality print using latest technology. It can be printed on very large format. It is resistant and washable. It is easy to hang, you can just pin it into the wall or use rods and hooks as shown on the pictures below. Ideal for larger spaces.

Here are a few examples of tapestry and how it can be hang.




"This print is great! package was thoughtful and neat, shipping was fast"

Maggie, England

"Fantastic tapestry, I love it, thanks !"
David, USA

"Your work is a truly amazing and your prints are great quality, I will order again soon"
Lisa, Germany

"Pumayana, you are such incredible artist, thank you for your gift to the world. I love how you can translate into images all the invisible worlds around us. Be blessed"
Rosa, USA

"Your art is just fantastic. It reflects so much wisdom and peace. Each piece is a real journey with so many details. Thank you!"
Anja, Germany

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